Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Happy New Year!!!

Happy new year everyone and welcome to 2012!!!

Im sure for many of you, this month will consist of making new years resolutions, eating the last of the December goodies, whilst still getting over that terrible new years hangover.

Now were all going to be making promises for the year, some more realistic than others. One of the biggest saying's you will hear this month is "Im going to get fit" or "Im going to lose weight this year". Now making these promises is easy, but after the adrenaline rush of January is out the way its not so easy to keep them.

This gives me the prime excuse to talk about my other love in my life apart from fashion... Fitness!!!

As im sure we have all over indulged this festive period in one too many mince pies or like myself polished off a selection box.... or two :), then its time to get back on the health and fitness wagon and get shredding away that Christmas pud!


Staying fit and healthy is a huge part of my life as its essential for my work, therefore I do take a keen interest in all the latest tips and ways in order to maximize you training and diet.

Rather than waffle on about a load of science that you may get bored with I want to give you an insight into what works best for me and what could help you too.

First things first set a reachable goal. If you have a reason to train and something to focus your energy on, then I can guarantee you will work harder. There's nothing worse than having an empty mind whilst training, a target goal such as losing a pound per week, running a marathon or even increasing your bench press by 10kg. Each give you the stimulation your mind needs to push you and your training to the limit.

The second thing I most value whilst training is a partner. And no not because I feel lonely training by myself :) well maybe a little, but more importantly because it enables you to work off each other, spot each other whilst using weights which means you can lift more and most of all MOTIVATE each other. Therefore if you do not already have a gym buddy or training partner then make a concious effort to find one. No need to put an ad in the local paper, just start getting to know more people in your gym with obvious similar interests.

So before commencing any training this year, set out your target goals whatever they may be, my tip is to write down your ultimate goal then follow it up with some smaller bite size ones, so you are constantly achieving. Personally this year I really want to complete a marathon. I have been saying for the past few years I am going to do one, so this year its going to happen!

I want to share with you a simple training idea in order to inject a little excitement into you regime. As we all know doing the same exercises over and over gets boring and we start to lack enthusiasm. Well try mixing it up a little and add this short but effective style session into your weekly plan:

"Dynamite Dozen" Circuit
Total Time for workout: 12mins
Intensity: High

You must complete each exercise for 50seconds followed by a 10second rest. Aim to complete as many repetitions as possible on each exercise and record the amount in order to compare results week by week.

1.Press ups                                                      2.Pull ups                                          

3.Jump squats                     4. Kettle bell/dumbell swing
 5. Hanging abdominal leg raises           6.Alternate leg jump lunges


7. Dumbbell Upright row                                    8. Burpees                                
  9. Tricep dips                                    10.squat to press

 11. Side plank                                           12.Plank
Feel free to do these exercises in any order, you can also change the exercises depending on what muscle groups you want to work. If you have a training partner then get them to write down the amount of repetitions you complete on each exercise in order to attempt to beat it the following week, or eachother!

This type of interval circuit training is brilliant for raising your heart rate, increasing fitness levels and all round getting a right sweat on!!! 12Minutes may sound like a short amount of time but If your not gasping for air by the end of it then you either haven't tried hard enough or ... your just a freak! :)

Give it a go and let me know what you think and what scores you record.

Happy training guys!!!


Saturday, 24 December 2011

How to look the part this New Years!!

New years is fast approaching, and whilst it's a time for reflecting on the past year of our lives more importantly it's a big excuse to raid the shops one last time.

Now we all know there's no better time to dress to impress than new years eve, so I have had a quick rummage round the shops myself and came up with a few key ideas to think about to finish this year off in killer style.

Its all about the little touches: paying attention to detail really does show true style.

Pocket squares



Them pockets need filling boys! Pocket squares in your jacket are a must. Plain coloured ones are perfect for a more classic look, go for a vintage or spotted pattern if you want to add a bit of excitement to the outfit! Also Splash a bit of colour on yourself lads! As it is Christmas don't be scared to push the boat out and opt for a real bold festive piece.

Play around with neck tie Accessories as well. There are so many choices out there at the minute, ties, neck scarves and my hot favourite this season the bow tie.


Bow ties really have stolen the show this season, let's be honest it was about time we made room for something more exciting than the standard tie! So if you want to be bang on trend this new years don't be afraid to open up the preppy side of you as the bow tie really is a must.

The Bow tie comes in all sorts of shapes, sizes, colours and patterns. therefore there's one to suit all, no excuses! :-)

My advice is if your wearing a fairly simple shirt then go for a playful/colourful design. On the other hand if you've gone for a busy looking shirt then a subtle toned colour and style will finish the outfit off perfectly.

If it's a real swanky do you have lined up then there's only one thing for it.... The "three piece". I am of course talking about the signature three piece suit. And before I start were not talking wedding style were talking on trend 2011 Gary Barlow X factor esque, that man loved a three piece:

Style icons such as David Gandy and George Lamb know exactly how to put their stamp on the classic "three piece".


The three piece is something that is essential for every man's wardrobe just in case that big occasion arises. The best thing about it is there's no rules! the mix and matching ideas are endless. You could go for a matching selection throughout like the infamous David Gandy (picture 3), or try mixing it up with different coloured trousers like Gary Barlow (picture1). Tip: Black trousers are a winner with any concoction of jacket and waistcoat.

My hot Favourite at the minute is the grey tweed three piece, it looks dapper in every which way you style it!

CAMO Waistcoat   CAMO Single Suit Jacket  CAMO Suit Trousers


Go all the way with the detail on your look by adding a collar pin that really frames your tie a treat. By adding a pin to your tie just gives you that subtle edge to set your outfit apart from the rest.


So here's what I'm putting together for the big occasion. I've gone for a mix and match three piece with a white shirt, burgundy skinny tie and a pair of tan brogues. This whole look is just under 150 quid :) BARGAIN!!!

So there's a little insight to a few ideas to bare in mind whilst raiding the sales, if your brave enough that is!

Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you all :)


Thursday, 15 December 2011

Festive Must Haves !!!

Hello Guys and welcome!

So as I have started my blog just in time for Christmas, amongst all the Crimbo shopping, parties and events coming up, there’s only one thing on peoples mind right now….. What are the wardrobe “must have’s” for the festive season??.

Whether it be a Christmas party coming up or just a family festive gathering, there’s no better time to treat yourselves.

Now fellas if like me you follow the circle of fashion you may already have a couple of winter roll neck jumpers in the wardrobe, but if not then put this down as number one on the list. Roll necks, turtle necks, polo neck jumpers or whatever else you would like to call them, they are a key essential this season.


How to wear

The best thing about the roll neck jumper is that their so simple to wear yet extremely effective (and keep you nice and toasty!!!). The styles range from thin cotton under layers to thick woolly ones as shown in pictures 2 and 3, a perfect winter warmer for this chilly time of year Brrrr………. A big thick woolly one is ideal for any kind of casual outing whether you wear it on its own or squeeze it under a trench coat ( picture 2) which ticks both the comfort and style boxes. By opting for a slightly thinner material it gives you the chance to dress it up or down depending on the occasion.

By piecing it with a smart blazer (picture’s 5-8) adds a touch of sophistication to the look; as long as you piece the right colours together your outfit is made. Choose to either emphasise the colour on the jacket (picture 1) which has my ‘FAV’ colour for this season ‘burgundy’ or hit home on a really bold coloured jumper (picture 5). Either way the outfit is an absolute winner, all that’s left to do is add one extra little touch of class by matching it up with a ‘must have’ accessory ‘the pocket square’ (picture 5) and you’re done. Also if you’re feeling brave and want to stand out from the crowd this Christmas then why not try the double breasted blazer which is without a doubt one of the hottest garments off the catwalk this season.

 This is my number 2 on Santa’s list this year, I’ve asked for this one from Topman:


To finish this outfit off in style I would team it up with a dark coloured roll neck jumper, some black skinnies and black or brown Chelsea boots or even a cheeky brogue.

Where can I buy it??
All these amazing items can be picked up for an absolute bargain at most high street shops including: Topman, Zara, and H&M. If you have a bit of extra change burning a hole in your pocket have a look at my new favourite brand ‘The Kooples’ which I will talk more about in more detail in another post, with its French tailored influence it really does look the part .

So there you have it! Just a quick insight into a couple of key essentials to stick on your wish list this year or if you’re feeling extra generous just go treat yourself J

Happy Christmas shopping guys!!,

Jay Cullen